Friday, March 20, 2009

Clock changes

Ah ha.

You know when everything suddenly becomes clear?

Well, now they have. The clocks have changed in the US last week. The She-Ex has cheerfully not mentioned this to us, leading to us phoning the BG an hour later (as far as she is concerned). One could debate the deliberateness, or not, of this lack of communication any way one likes, but never mind, it is the way it is, and obviously we'll be letting the She-Ex know when our clocks change, so that we aren't confusing the child any more than life already does lol! We'll adapt our calling schedule to suit, same as we always do, it just would have been nice to have been told. Same as a lot of things.

In other news, the AC went off to Daddy's this afternoon , with birthday present and card, lovely, well remembered me! I also got cards for my father, and my nephew. Did I remember a Mothering Sunday card? Nope. I'll have to pick one up tomorrow. It may well arrive with my lovely mother late, but at least it will be there. We may be able to drop it in, we'll see how things are. At the moment we're planning a quiet weekend, pottering and doing stuff.

I'm planning one so quiet that I may be going to bed very, very, soon. There's a fairly long list of things to do tomorrow, but they are all home things. It'll make the blog boring, but well, the BG needs to know that we don't have exciting lives all the time! She needs a true reflection of her father, which is what we give her through the blog.

There was other stuff I had to say tonight, but I've forgotten - yep! I'm that tired today. Weird.

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