Friday, March 20, 2009

Early doors on Friday!

I love Friday at the moment.

R turns up at school to pick me up early, (early by my standards - school has obviously finished, children gone home, that kind of thing.) so I see the AC off to footy practice with the He-Ex and then grab my stuff and make like a tree.

Some Friday nights we go into town and have tea out. Some nights we come home. Tonight was a home night, via Pets at Home (good deal on cat food at the moment) and stuff for the guinea-pig and mini-pig. Got back, R fixed Rachel-at-school's laptop as the part had arrived finally, and now we're sat, chilling, debating what's for tea. R is hungry having been to the gym today. I'm not so, because I had hot dinners. We'll probably have chinese and then sit and snuggle up in front of a film. Or we'll play WoW together. Or we'll do something else lol!

Tomorrow is kitchen and downstairs day. Won't take long, and R has said he'll sort out the kitchen, which is great. The animals all need doing as well, so that's an hour's work. I've got some marking to do, which the AC has asked me to wait until the Sunday to do because he likes us doing "homework" at the same time.

Life is good.

Very, very good.

Just got to see how the phone call tonight goes, that's all. But let's not trouble trouble until it troubles us! Hopefully the She-Ex will be at work so BG will chat more. IF BG is home and not some other place just because. The most and total contact it is is about 30 minutes out of their lives over three phone calls in a week.

Never mind.

Lets get back to life being good until about 9pm, and then see what happens!

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