Wednesday, April 8, 2009

And so to bed...

It's late.

I've just spoken to R and I've emailed BG to let her know I spoke to him. I can only wait for him to call at the moment.

Tomorrows trip to the metropolis that is my home town might be off as mum and dad are not so well at all. Both appear to have some kind of sleeping sickness masquarading as man-flu. The child will be disappointed, but he'll manage - we might go swimming, or the pictures, or anything really - the world is the mollusc of our choice! (Not very fond of oysters!)

This evening was nice with CP and RE round, separatly, although, as RE pointed out, every time she comes round there is a different man here who isn't R! I pointed out a) it was twice, and b) they're both gamers so they don't count!

But now it's late and I am tired and headachy and my legs hurt, so I'm going to sleep.

Night night all!

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