Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Faith and Trust

I went into town for my sewing lesson, all went well, she's a lovely lady and the grandmother of one of the lovely children I teach.

Then I went to the dentists to meet N and his mother, and all went very very smoothly. N was so brave, so strong, and just lay there, his eyes locked on mine, whilst the dentist took the tooth out. He had such trust in his eyes when he looked at me, because I said it would be ok, because I said it would be fine, and therefore it would be. And therefore it was.

His mother was amazed at the difference, as was the dentist and the nurse, who were equally amazed that his teacher had come, in the holidays, to give him some support. But isn't that what teaching is about? It's about the whole child, in the community in which the child lives. It's not just about the SATs results and the scores, it's about growing a whole child, rounded in every way.

That takes me having faith in the child, and the child placing his trust in me, that whatever I do will be for his good.

Today was humbling in so many ways.

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