Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Ok, well,

... I've done nothing this morning so far but slowly finish the quilt.

I couldn't get the hang of the binding thing, so I've stitched the edges instead, as I also think they will be softer for the small child to snuggle under, as that is the plan for this quilt.

It's not brilliant.

The seams don't always match.
The oversewing meanders slightly.
The colours are slightly in the wrong places.

Professionals may tut-tut at me, but I am absurdly proud of the progression of this, from old jeans to soft and snuggly quilt, stitched with love for the small child, for those nights when just a duvet isn't enough, or when curling up on the sofa requires a cover.

I have a sewing lesson later today, to which I shall take my pictures, and then I might even book myself a quilting class. Depends on the cash, 'cos there isn't a lot of that at the moment lol!

It is in situ now, awaiting his approval......

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