Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Lunch date tomorrow!

That's right!

I am going out for lunch! And it's not with my mum!

Interestingly enough, it's with an old friend of mine, Chris, who I haven't seen since before the AC arrived. He's going to be driving down this way, so we are going to go for lunch, catch up together and so on. Should be lots of fun. He and I had no secrets in the past. In fact, I've known him since I was 14. That's 20 years. Golly.

It was weird tonight though, because I didn't want to say yes until I'd spoken to R about it. There's no reason for me to need to speak to him about it, other than plain and simple good manners. I didn't need to ask his permission lol, I just wanted him to know before it happened.

I think a lot of that has to do with the trust issues that we have because of our pasts. It's not that we don't trust the other one, it's that we are used to not being trusted, and there being no reason for that distrust other than the other persons conscience. It's all good though. We have a good relationship now, and we trust each other totally, and I am going out for lunch with Chris! YAY!

I'm not doing a fat lot tonight though. Just sitting here. I know I need to be doing things, but I'm not lol. I'm just here. I'm so tired after last night. I know I'm planning on going to bed early, but I'll wait until I've heard from R. Hopefully he'll hear from BG today, on her birthday.

She is 7 today. It is the third birthday since she left. Soon it will be the third fathers day, the third summer, it's already been the third Christmas. Finally, it will be the third of his birthdays since she left. And then a few days later will be the start of the 4th year.

It's the way it is.

But the world is a different and better place. Oh yes it is.

I'll post more later. I need a cup of tea!

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