Tuesday, April 14, 2009

More goodness....


*warning* Geek alert!

We use Activprimary at school, and I've just discovered on Primary3 how to combine flipcharts. How to just select the actual part of the actual flipchart I want, and place that into another flipchart.

This means I can write a flipchart to follow through what I want to teach, and then add in the bits I want to my daily flipchart.

I said it was geeky.


On the anti-geek side of things, I have this completed. Well, aside from the sewing in of the ends, but you get the idea. I was just experimenting with squares and triangles and how they fit together.

And then I went out today and bough this material,

Which was a whole £6. Slightly over my budget lol, but there is lots!

Eventually it should look like this (but in lilacs, not pink and blue)

A truely gorgeous quilt for a baby!

But work first. Bah humbug

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