Tuesday, April 14, 2009


It is officially now a good day.

1) Child has recovered, is in bombastic health and can have a lovvely day with his father after all! Daddy/son time is very important between our two households, so we were both relieved when he could go.

2) The new shock absorbers for the car have been delivered. Already.

3) The Student Loans Compant have phoned to say that there is a "clear and concise" not on my account that says that I phoned to ask for a settlement figure, and they gave me one, and I paid it, and checked that we were done. So lovely SLC lady says "We are done, We're not going to chase you for something which is our error, so you don't need to pay this, and I'll get a letter out to you confirming it asap."

Now I'm going to town to buy material and treat myself to a cup of tea somewhere. Well. Material definately.


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