Tuesday, April 14, 2009



I hadn't realised it will be 20 years ago tomorrow. I was 14.

Between that and Bradford (which I saw live on Grandstand at Bodham Post Office where I was with Robert-over-the-Road my early football years had the games themselves as fascinating, amazing, and deadly. It was the 80's early 90's. A time of horrendous football violence, of thuggery and hooliganism. Of skinheads and anger and unrelenting hatred of differentness.

But it does put things into perspective.

I am proud of the way I followed my team for the years I could, stopping when I was 3 weeks from giving birth. And after that, I had different priorities.

The He-Ex was a hooligan, and very pleased with the fact. It's one of the many reasons we weren't suited, although at least we have the glorious AC.

But there. Anyway, it's nearly bedtime. I'm waiting to see if I'll hear from R tonight, I should be able to. The She-Ex rang earlier, and obviously got the point of this mornings email, as she was the polite, well mannered person I used to know. I got to speak to the BG as well, who wasn't sure if she had had her telegram or not. Nor if she'd seen AC's video that he so badly wanted her to see, although her mother insisted that she had. But she'd had cupcakes, so that was cool!

NIght night all. Hillsborough, BRadford, they put things in perspective for me. What does the silliness matter when faced with that?

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